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C.J. Mosley "Get to the playoffs"

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season wrapping up after another loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley realized that was it. There is no next week, and the Ravens will not have a fighting chance for the Lombardi Trophy.

"It was a tough road," said C.J. "We had a lot of injuries last year. A lot of things didn’t go our way, a lot of calls, whether it was on our part or on the other end."

No doubt Mosley is right, after Baltimore lost key players on both sides of the ball; namely quarterback Joe Flacco, linebacker Terrell Suggs, and wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.

Also mentioned, Mosley spoke on calls not going Baltimore’s way. Between the CJ2K ‘non-tackle’, and the absolutely unbelievable finish against Jacksonville, Baltimore could be credited with a 7-9 record. Not a play-off contention difference, but momentum is enormous in this sport, and these wins sparking more wins isn’t unfathomable. Keep in mind, through sixteen games no blocker was called for holding against Elvis Dumervil. Apparently no right tackle held Doom for 16 straight games. Elvis Dumervil played in 787 snaps folks, no way 16 tackles block perfectly in 787 snaps straight.

Excuses are worthless though, and Mosley knows that just like everybody else.

"We kind of left that in the past," said Mosley. "We’re looking forward to this year. A lot of our rookie class did really well in OTAs. We’ll just see when training camp comes if we can put it all together."