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Carl Davis surprises mom at church with a brand new car!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Carl Davis, the Ravens sophomore defensive lineman, decided to surprise his mother at church. Not only did he arrive without telling her he was in town, but Davis showed up delivering his mother with a brand new BMW.

Thank God for putting me in this position to surprise my mom with a new car today.

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This seems to be a dream for every young kid. Make enough money to take care of their mama's. My own mother is still expecting me to, and she quotes, "Buy you a brick house and a fast car!" While I haven't delivered, Carl Davis did.

I can't imagine this car costing the 24 year old too much of his rookie contract, but a brand new car isn't cheap. Davis is currently under a rookie deal worth $2.95 million. Per year, that is around $738,000 gross. The IRS surely takes their amount, and on a rookie deal you can't be out going crazy. He wasn't a first round selection either, instead being picked in the third round; or 90 overall. At the end, I'm sure it didn't matter the dollar amount, as he was able to give back after his mom gave her time and effort for all those practices, games, and time spent loving him.