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Consistency is key, Ravens to finally keep an offensive coordinator

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, offensive coordinator Marc Trestman took the reigns of a Gary Kubiak scheme, and put together a playbook to cheer for. Good news, for the first time since 2011-2012 the Baltimore Ravens, and more importantly, Joe Flacco, will have the same OC as the season before.

Since 2012-2013 the Ravens have flip-flopped OC's mainly caused by other teams making them head coaches. It all started from Cam Cameron's mid-season firing back in 2012. Afterwards, Jim Caldwell became hired by the Detroit Lions post-2013 season. Ravens then hired Gary Kubiak but only a season later was also hired, this time to the Denver Broncos. Finally, the Ravens are going back-to-back with Marc-y Marc Trestman.

This is a great development for Joe Flacco specifically. No more changing schemes, styles, and understanding. Last season the Ravens were producing a true passing game, with 266 passing yards per game and 359 offensive yards per game. Those rank 8th and 14th in the league respectively.


When Baltimore hired Trestman they informed him they are not wanting to change schemes from Gary Kubiak's, only a year ago. Instead, they requested he build on the scheme and create new roles.

The reason for such a demand, the scheme from Kubiak yielded franchise and personal record stats. Flacco threw for 3,986 yards. Joe posted a 67.02 QBR, his next being 58.32 in 2011. A big ingredient, Flacco being sacked only 19 times in 2014, as opposed to FORTY-EIGHT sacks in 2013 (year before Kubiak).

John Harbaugh is quite happy with Trestman's return saying, "We're going to be in much better shape, in terms of building the system from that standpoint rather than we were the first year. Now the system is more [Trestman's] than it was last year. I think it's more ours than it was last year."

Another statement from the Head Coach, "I'm excited about where we're going offensively," Harbaugh said. "I think we're going to be really well-coached. We just have to build execution out here. We just have to come out here, get good, and take care of our business and get good at what we're doing."