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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison not happy about current investigation,

Remember, innocent until proven guilty folks

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Recent posts from James Harrison haven't been his usual powerhouse weight routines. Instead, submissions with his recent bout against the NFL.

"The @NFLPA requested from the @NFL any additional evidence...the NFL did not provide any such evidence." - NFLPA

A photo posted by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

For those that can't view, this is a statement from NFLPA on the NFL's plan to interview players named in report. "The NFL has chosen to initiate an investigation of these players based upon now-recanted statements that appeared in an Al Jazeera report. The NFLPA requested from the NFL any additional evidence supporting an investigation of the players; the NFL did not provide any such evidence, nor did they inform the NFLPA or the players that any such evidence exists. Instead, the NFL has decided to publicly pressure the players into submission. We will continue to advise our players about their rights and hold the NFL accountable."

James clearly isn't happy, and yesterday also posted:

Hey @NFLPA, maybe the @NFL considers this "additional, credible evidence."

A photo posted by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

Once again, for those unable to view it is the comment section from instagram and also twitter posts saying: "steroids", "he gon get busted", "they're all on steroids get real lol", "all guilty as sin", and "let me guess, they're going to deny it". He also tagged the both the NFL and NFLPA saying, "Hey @NFLPA, maybe the @NFL considers this "additional, credible evidence."

Harrison is absolutely upset, and has a right to be. A toxic community of individuals going strictly based off appearance, knowing zero facts.

The AJA documentary was a hidden-camera-wearing reporter talking with Charlie Sly, a former intern at an anti-aging clinic. Sly told the reporter players in the NFL and MLB he had worked with, and informed he provided them with performance-enhancers. Do know, Sly has recanted his statements.

Nothing has been spoken why the NFL has taken their sweet time, and why the NFL hasn't interviewed players already.