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Slot Receiver Position Remains Problematic for Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens will look for a wideout to emerge.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Without including tight ends, the Ravens do not have a clear picture when it comes to figuring out who the slot receiver in three-wide receiver sets will be. The three subsequent names could have a chance to feature.

Steve Smith is probably the receiver most fans would have penciled in as the slot receiver. The thought has been so ever since his arrival in Baltimore. Steve Smith continues to defy father time, however, and his production and skills are likely to still warrant a spot on the outside.

Kamar Aiken is a player who fans saw emerge to the top spot of the depth chart in the waning games of the past season. His skill set does not stand out in any particular aspect. Aiken is well rounded and can do a little bit of everything. The jack-of-all-trade aspect of his skill-set could likely result in him seeing a notable amount of time in the slot.

There is no reason to not expect Michael Campanaro to see his fair share of snaps in the slot given the all important question - in his particular case - is answered: will he be healthy? Nothing fans have seen can offer a positive response to that question.

Campanaro was used like Percy Harvin in his short time on the field last season, coming across formations on speed sweeps and using his elusiveness on slants and screens. Campanaro is not to be relied on, but if by the most remote of chances the injury-prone Wake Forest alum happens to be healthy, he will, without a doubt, see snaps in the slot.

It would not come as a surprise to see all three receivers if available split time in the slot. As of today, no name is written in pen.