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Joe Flacco given top spot on NFL's Top Five playoff performances of All-Time

Never any doubt

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NFL released a video two days ago, the title, "Top 5 Playoff Performances of All Time". If you're a Baltimore fan, you are already skeptical if the NFL forgot Joe Cool. Don't worry though, because sitting upon the top spot is the Ravens elite man himself.

Adding to Flacco's brilliance, the number two spot, Joe Montana. The statline on the bottom of the screen for Montana: 78.3 Comp PCT.. 800 Pass YDS, 11 TD, 0 INT in 3 games. Yes, in three games this man was post-season dominating, with a completion percentage of almost 80%! But that still isn't enough to beat the other Joe.

The Baltimore Ravens QB, Joe Flacco and his statsheet: 57.9 Comp PCT.. 1,140 Pass YDS, 11 TD, 0 INT in 4 games. Joe had an extra game to complete score 11 TD's, but in four games didn't produce a single turnover. Completing almost sixty percent of those passes, and many of them being DEEP strikes downfield. Two Torrey Smith bombs, a cannon to Jacoby in the Super Bowl, and Anquan Boldin coming down with two more, the Ravens went vertical and simply punished teams. Let's all hope this man can do this once more, with Mike Wallace, Breshad Perriman, and rookie Chris Moore, Joe may be once again airing it out and celebrating another Lombardi Trophy.