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Another NFL color rush leak?

A few months ago, a picture was leaked with, what was thought to be at the time, the official Color Rush uniform concepts for Thursday night games. In the leak, the Ravens had a Maryland flag concept uniform (seen below).

This uniform would probably have been similar to the ones that the University of Maryland football team already wears. That leak however, was proved to be fake, and the world had to wait to see what the Color Rush uniforms could look like.

We may have finally arrived at the day where we find out. Another picture was leaked recently with Color Rush concepts for this season.

While we don't know whether or not this is the official designs, it is always fun to speculate. In this leak, the Ravens would be wearing an all purple uniform. The all purple definitely matches the Ravens color scheme much better than the flag, and I think this would prove to be a much better option for the league to go with.

Also of note, the Bengals tiger striped uniform also is gone and is now just solid black, a uniform they basically already have. Lastly, in the upper right corner of the photo, the Lions and Vikings look ready to be this years ketchup vs mustard game, similar to the Rams and Buccaneers last year. Plus, why would the Lions be wearing red? Maybe the NFL was going with a Thanksgiving color themed game for Thanksgiving, but wow would that game be an eye sore.