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The Baltimore Ravens Starting Five

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

While Baltimore Ravens fans know well and good they have a talented enough roster to compete in the NFL, but if they had to use their current roster to run out a starting five to play in the NBA, who would it be, and how would they fare?

With the NBA Finals ending Sunday in epic fashion, Baltimore Beatdown decided to take a look.

Point Guard:  Steve Smith Sr.

This is probably the most obvious selection of the entire group.  While Joe Flacco's passing ability may be tantalizing here, it's just too hard to pass up on the athleticism, scoring ability, and killer instinct that Smitty possesses.  When you have the Russell Westbrook of the NFL as your number one wide receiver, why not try him out at the point when the tables are turned?

Shooting Guard:  Justin Tucker

Another slam dunk, pun very much intended.  Tucker has the natural swagger and pinpoint accuracy that'll make him a fan favorite, In high pressure situations, he is a guarantee to hit from almost anywhere on the floor.  Just ask the Detroit Lions.

Small Forward:  Elvis Dumervil

This is where things start to get a little hazy.  While Dumervil doesn't possess ideal size for the position, he has an inexplicable defensive tenacity that would allow him to stuff the stat sheet with rebounds in the same way that he does in sacks on the quarterback.

Power Forward:  Terrell Suggs

Ravens fans likely won't be happy reading this, due to T-Sizzle's somewhat dubious history with the game of basketball, but hear me out.  His versatility is what really stands out here, as his run stuffing and pass rushing ability would likely translate extremely well to post defense and inside scoring.  His loyalties may come into question though, as he is one of the original founders of the 'King James' bandwagon.

Center:  Marshal Yanda

Dare the other team to laugh at his size and weight; he'll be the one who has the last laugh.  He's incredibly stout in pass blocking which would translate well to excellent rebounding, and he's arguably nastier in the run game which would... well I don't really know.  Maybe Draymond Green could give him a few ideas on how to channel that anger.

All in all, this looks to be an excellent starting five for the Ravens.  I'm not saying they would sweep the Cavaliers but..let's just say I'd owe quite a bit of money to quite a bit of people if the series went past five games.

Who is your Ravens starting five?