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What would the Baltimore Ravens roster look like if they only played hometown players?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

To start off, some liberties were taken in terms of what was considered a hometown player. In this case, any active player from Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia is eligible. So in essence, this is the Washington Ravens, or the Baltimore Redskins. But let’s get right into the roster.

Quarterback: Andrew Luck, Washington D.C.

I’m not sure this team could have asked for a better option at QB. Andrew Luck is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL despite coming off an injury plagued season. Luck has an incredible football IQ, reading the field better than most quarterbacks in the league. Luck also has a big arm, which is perfect for the speedy wideouts Luck will be throwing to on this team.

Running Back: Todd Gurley III, Baltimore, MD

This roster already has a stud throwing the ball, and in addition another stud running the ball. Gurley is coming off a fantastic rookie season, in which he put up more than 1000 yards in only 13 games. Gurley will be able to run it down the throat of any defense against him. With Luck throwing and Gurley running, this is one explosive offense.

Wide Receivers: Torrey Smith, Colonial Beach, VA, and Stefon Diggs, Gaithersburg, Maryland

This is one quick set of receivers. Torrey Smith preformed extremely well in his days as a Raven. His size and speed are perfect to take advantage of Luck’s skill set. Smith was always able to come up with the big play. Whether making a spectacular catch on a deep ball, a game winning catch in Pittsburgh, or even drawing a PI, Smith is always helping move the team down the field in big chunks.

Stefon Diggs is an up-and-coming player in the NFL. The former five star recruit put up a few spectacular games as a rookie, and one even more spectacular catch. Like Smith, Diggs can burst the top off of a defense. Diggs would also be the kick/punt returner on this team. At Maryland, Diggs was one of the most feared returners in the country. Opposing teams would rarely let him touch the ball. This team has speed to burn on the edges.

Tight End: Vernon Davis, Washington D.C.

While aging, Davis is the best option at tight end. Ben Watson is under consideration, but Watson really has only had one good year. Davis’s good years may be in his rearview mirror, but I’m going to give Davis the nod based on his experience.

Offensive Line: Kyle Long, Ivy, VA, and Duane Brown, Richmond, VA,

Cornerbacks: Joe Haden, Fort Washington, MD, and Vontae Davis, Washinton D.C.

Safety: Kam Chancellor, Norfolk, VA

Linebackers: NaVorro Bowman, District Heights, MD, and Jerod Mayo, Hampton, VA

Defensive Line: Cameron Wake, Beltsville, MD, and Darnell Dockett, Burtonsville, MD

Overall, this is a pretty good roster. The offense is spectacular, but the defense is filled with aging stars. Joe Haden, Vontae Davis, and Kam Chancellor will be able to slow down opponents passing games, but this defense is suspect to being burned by the run. It’s possible that this team will have to play in a good amount of shootouts.