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Will the Baltimore Ravens Run 4 Tight End Sets?

The first four tight ends on the depth chart will see time.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With tight end Dennis Pitta apparently getting back to 100 percent, The Ravens happen to have an embarrassment of riches at the tight end position. Marc Trestman is now in his second year. It should now be assumed that the offense that takes the field will feature more of Trestman's tendencies and preferences.

The New England Patriots set the trend. It would not be unwise to expect the Ravens to follow, as it would put their four best receivers excluding Steve Smith Sr. in the game. Smith himself could find himself on the field if the Ravens came out in a 5 wide, spread set.

A four tight end set could feature Benjamin Watson and Dennis Pitta, the two more agile players of the four on the outside, with Crockett Gilmore and Maxx Williams in the slots or in line. The sheer size of this package could overwhelm defenses. The versatility of it could outwit opponents.

Going with a package with all four tight ends on the field would be very beneficial in the red zone. The Ravens have not had the best success in the red zone over the last several seasons and this provides an opportunity for the team to create mismatches near the goal line as the Ravens can line up its tight ends against smaller defensive backs who won't be in position to body them up due to the size of Gillmore, Pitta, Williams and Watson. Not to mention the tight ends will be too fast for opposing linebackers in most situations.

Trestman has the pieces to run any kind of offense with all the wrinkles and perks seen across the league in the more high powered offenses. Creativity will be and should be on display.