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Baltimore Ravens Minicamp: 3 Things We Learned

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens Minicamp just wrapped up, and boy did a lot happen this week. So after this crazy week of minicamp, what have we learned?

1. The Ravens like Ronnie Stanley, a lot

The Ravens cut left tackle, Eugene Monroe, this week, essentially giving rookie let left tackle Ronnie Stanley the starting job. We already knew the Ravens liked Stanley a lot, why else would they have spent the sixth overall pick on him. But Ozzie was trying to work out a trade to get rid of Monroe.

The potential trade was figured to have involved the Ravens getting draft picks in return for Monroe. We don’t know exactly why the deal with the Giants fell through, but for Ozzie to relinquish the opportunity to acquire draft picks, and as a result cut Monroe and get nothing from it, Harbaugh and Ozzie both have to know that Stanley is unequivocally their guy.

2. The Ravens dodged some major bullets

The biggest news of the week for the Ravens was the news that second-year wide receiver Breshad Perriman would be ready to go for the regular season, if not for training camp. It was originally figured that Perriman had a torn ACL and could be out for the year. But Dr. James Andrews revealed the best possible news: Perriman did not have a torn ACL at all. Perriman received a stem cell injection, and looks to be ready to go for his debut.

We also learned that Elvis Dumervil had foot surgery over the offseason, but he will be ready to go for training camp. And finally, Joe Flacco revealed that his rehab his going very well, and he should also be ready to go for camp. The Ravens seems like they will start the year at full strength.

3. The offense could be explosive

The Ravens will have competition for many positions on the offensive side of the ball. Wide receiver, running back, tight end and guard are all positions that seem to be up for grabs. Competition always brings out the best in players. It shows who knows the playbook the best, who has the toughness that the Ravens love, and frankly, who has the talent. Competition makes everyone better. If that holds true for the Ravens, they will have one of the deepest teams in the NFL, all of the wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends have the ability to start, but the Ravens need to find who is the best of the bunch.

The wide receivers are especially of note. An argument could be made for all of Steve Smith, Breshad Perriman, Kamar Aiken, Mike Wallace, Chris Moore, and even Keenan Reynolds to start. Reynolds is interesting as he can be used all over the field. You can read more about how the Ravens plan to use him here. Overall, competition will bring out the best in this bunch, and Joe Flacco will have all the weapons he could possibly ask for.