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Baltmore Ravens DL Timmy Jernigan Elevating Game

The third-year defensive lineman has been extremely disruptive in minicamp.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Timmy Jernigan's reportedly newfound explosiveness has so far been a feature of off-season activities. Most have discussed the strange saga involving Warren Sapp and the number 99 but Jernigan's play should become the main talking point. reports on the subject.

Defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan is someone who looks poised to take the next step in his career. He constantly found himself in the backfield this week and was a disruptive force against the run and pass.

If Jernigan comes through as an agile, explosive and consistent pass-rushing threat, he will allow the Ravens to use different pressure looks. Instead of having a pocket collapsing player as the one technique, the Ravens could feature both Jernigan and one of Za'Darius Smith, Bronson Kafusi or Brent Urban as the other three technique in the mold of last year's Denver Broncos. Malik Jackson and Derek Wolfe proved their value in the destruction of the New England Patriots offensive line.

Two three three techniques will also allow the Ravens to employ double a-gap looks. The newfound explosiveness of Timmy Jernigan could prove to have a triple down effect across the Ravens front.