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Keenan Reynolds is a quick study

Patrick Semansky/AP

Baltimore Ravens sixth-round draft choice Keenan Reynolds making the difficult transition from option quarterback in college to receiver/returner at the NFL level. After participating in only a portion the eight-week offseason program due to Navy’s late graduation, Reynolds early progress is encouraging. The high character player is proving to be a quick study.

Reynolds received the majority of repetitions fielding punts at the recent offseason minicamp. Garrett Downing reported the Ravens threw the kitchen sink at Reynolds, having him chase punts all over the field and using multiple tactics to distract him as he attempted to catch the punts. Reynolds showed confidence, poise and strong hands throughout practice. The time he spent learning from Brian Mitchell and Wes Welker is paying immediate dividends.

Special teams coordinatorJerry Rosburg admitted to Don Markus that Reynolds still has his work cut out for him.

"He is starting from scratch, so it is a long journey...," Rosberg opined, "...I think he is making really good progress." Reynolds responded to Markus’ inquiry on how he plans to prepare for training camp in the next six weeks by saying, "Run, and run and run and run and keep running...I have a long way to go. It’s the work I am willing to put in."

With an attitude like that, Reynolds is well on his way to becoming a coach and fan favorite.