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Agent 89 Sets Goal for Likely Last Hurrah

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

961. What does that mean?

That is the number of receptions in the illustrious career of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., playing him 15th all-time in receptions. Not good enough for Steve.

"1000 receptions," said Steve Smith at a press conference yesterday via

Only 13 receivers have put up 1000 receptions over their careers (the receptions leaderboard can be found

here). Steve Smith came back this year to get to that number.

"I may catch that in my uniform and go home, straight from there. I’m gonna M&T Bank straight to Charlotte." Smith said via

Barring injury, 1000 receptions seem like a piece of cake for Smith. Smith needs 39 receptions more to get to four digits. Even with the injuries last year, Smith still had 46 catches. He only had less than 39 twice, in his rookie season, and in 2004, a season in which he only played one game. So yeah, 39 receptions seem pretty plausible.

As if the Hall of Fame wasn’t already a guarantee for Smith, 1000 catches would make it a sure a lock. And for Ravens fans, 1000 receptions, plus one more, would be oh so sweet, as "Number 86" finished his career with an even 1000. What Ravens fan wouldn’t want to see Smith hop over that guy?

It seems the only thing holding Smith back from 1000 is an injury. Steve Smith has shown time and time again that age is merely a number to him. Joe Flacco loves throwing to Smith and don’t tell me with all the other weapons Flacco has this year, that Smith isn’t the top target. Even at 37 years old, defensive coordinators have nightmares about Agent 89.

1000 receptions seem only a matter of time, so get your "1000" signs ready.