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Baltimore Ravens guard Marshal Yanda lands highest guard ranking in NFL Top 100

No surprise for the Ravens fans

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"I mean. . . He's just. . . I mean. . ."

It took four tries for Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams to sum up what makes Marshal Yanda so good. Williams did sum it up quite well though, "He just kicks butt."

Marshal Yanda is not only a top 100 player, but the best guard in the NFL this year. Not a single Ravens fan is surprised, Marshal Yanda seems to be the best player on the team, from a skill standpoint.

The big man was ranked 37th best in the NFL 100, his highest ranking yet. The previous year Yanda was quite underrated, at least in my mind, placing 79 overall.

Later on teammate Brandon dishes another compliment, "He's just literally a master of his craft."

The entire video of Marshal Yanda's NFL Top 100 can be viewed here. Quick warning, it's completely and totally awesome. They are giving Yanda his deserved praise.