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Baltimore Ravens should consider bringing back Anquan Boldin

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Starting off, I feel horrible for Breshad Perriman. This kid cannot catch a break if he found one. I hope that Perriman will contribute for the Ravens on the field in the near future, but with this latest injury the doubts are there for the former 26th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. That being said, the Baltimore Ravens still need to prepare for the 2016 NFL season and must put the best players on the field to produce a successful year. The team finds themselves in a very familiar position: trying to find another go-to wide receiver for quarterback Joe Flacco. The Ravens once again might need to go down deep into their wide receiver depth chart to find the guy who can step up. A strategy that for the last 3 years has not paid off. Yes, Kamar Aiken has been productive for the last 2 years, but there is also Marlon Brown, who fell off a cliff after his rookie campaign in 2013. Michael Campanaro, who every time he shows just a glimmer of potential gets shut down quickly due to injury. Other unfortunate examples, Deonte Thompson & Tandon Doss. It's not pretty.

Jeremy Butler showed potential last year catching 31 passes for 363 yards in 8 games following a barrage of injuries. The 2016 4th round draft pick, Chris Moore, has a golden opportunity; showcase what he can do in front of the coaches in a time where the team now needs a second speed threat opposite Mike Wallace. While I hope for Butler and Moore, the fact of the matter: this team needs a proven NFL caliber wide receiver.

Enter an Old Friend

Anquan Boldin is still a free agent and the Ravens should not hesitate to give him a call for a one year reunion. After having back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in a 49ers uniform, he caught 69 receptions for 789 yards to go along with 4 touchdowns in 2015 with Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert as his quarterbacks. Boldin will turn 36 in October, and with an already 37 year old Steve Smith Sr., this might not be an ideal situation for some, but Boldin's presence in the lineup to go along with Smith Sr. and Aiken could help Wallace and Moore stretch the field for the offense even without Perriman.

Boldin would add production, good hands, leadership, play-making ability and something very important: proven chemistry with Flacco.  With Joe coming off the ACL injury he needs many playmakers he can trust now more than ever. Anquan adds chemistry and the quarterback-wide receiver partnership these two had for 3 years that helped the Ravens win many games.

Should the Ravens bring back Anquan Boldin? Should they look for someone else in free agency or on the trade market? Should they go with what they have?