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Za'Darius Smith Will Add Versatility

The Ravens are loaded with pass rushing options.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At this past week's OTA practice Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Za'Darius Smith's get off was so explosive and so well timed that it cause John Harbaugh to bet a dollar that the former party had crossed the neutral zone. Per

"He was right on time, and actually, one of the linemen had even flinched, I have to pay him a dollar."

Smith is one of the players who has reportedly looked in better shape. His lower body needed weight to be added. The explosion comes from the lower body. It shouldn't be a coincidence to see Smith's get off and his added weight in the lower body come full circle.

Smith has said he expects to be used as a three-technique inside rusher on third downs to provide inside pressure in the now trademarked Pernell Mcphee role. Added strength and explosiveness will go a long way against guards as Smith discussed per

"It’s just getting in the game any way I can. On third downs, I think I’ll be a three technique. That’s what I see myself as, and most people do, because of who I was recruited to be with Pernell. I think I’ll be a third-down rusher."

At this point, it would be reasonable to expect at the very least, a repeat of Smith Rookie production. It is likely to come with more impact and more consistency.