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Eric Weddle expects great things from Matt Elam, Terrence Brook, and Anthony Levine

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Through the past few seasons the Baltimore Ravens have not seem to hit the mark on drafting safeties, but Eric Weddle is expecting the young ones to become bigger in the 2016-2017 season. Both Terrence Brooks and Matt Elam have caught Weddle’s eye though.

"Ready to take the next step and carve out a role and get on the field. They both are extremely talented, they’re eager to learn, they’re eager to get out there and help and be a Raven," Weddle said. "I know both have struggled with injuries and up-and-down play, but it’s exciting to see their growth."

Both Elam & Brooks have underwhelmed everybody the past few years, and expectations of greatness have simmered to fans wanting to cut their losses. But the most knowledgable safety on the squad is praising the both of them now. Weddle just said he expects them to make a role for themselves and becoming something more than warmer of the bench.

Weddle also mentions Anthony Levine Sr. to become a dime role defensive back when the Ravens go heavy on DB lineups.

It’s tough to see Levine being the dime role with such an interesting group of D-backs, but it’s absolutely a possibility.

The current competition for dime seems to be Will Davis, Tavon Young and Kyle Arrington. Those are just the CB’s. If Baltimore goes heavy dime, meaning extra safety on the field rather than cornerback, that puts direct competition with the players Weddle just praised, Terrance and Matt.

No doubt the camp battles will get interesting, we’ll see soon enough if Eric knows best.