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Ben Watson supported Breshad Perriman through injury last year

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Walter Payton Man of the Year Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the story of Breshad Perriman last season. An injured PCL sidelining the expected starting receiver which was on-again-off-again all year long. While fans were frustrated, we can only imagine the rookies hopes and dreams faultering while standing on the sideline aching to be on the gridiron. But many do not know while still playing for the New Orleans Saints, Benjamin Watson sent a text to the youngster.

"I just texted him and told him that he could still be great in this league and he could come back from this," Watson said in an interview with season ticket holders. "Ironically we end up on the same team a year later. I’ve really been impressed with him."

If you needed another reason to love the free agent acquisition anymore here you have it.

Ben also did not play much his rookie year after tearing his ACL. He was sidelined and knows the feeling of a knee injury keeping you from professional games. Ben worked his way to finding Perriman’s number and cared enough to support a struggling young player understand that this won’t hold him back forever; that it’s all part of life.

Ben Watson wasn’t brought in because the tight end depth was low, but instead to show true character and leadership to the entire Ravens staff. Apparently he started a year ago giving advice to future teammates.