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Ray Lewis re-tore his triceps the night before Super Bowl XLVII

Building onto the legend

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent TED Talk about enduring pain, Ray Lewis shared the untold story of re-tearing his triceps the night before Super Bowl XLVII.

Link to full video @ timestamp of story.

So not only did Ray Lewis go out onto the gridiron and play the final game of his career, but Mr. 52 managed seven tackles against the San Francisco 49ers with another torn triceps injury.

"The night before the Super Bowl I re-tore my triceps. I couldn't tell anybody. I couldn't go to the doctors. I couldn't go to my teammates. What I was gonna tell em? That I can't play?" Ray Lewis spoke. "I re-tore it. And it was bleeding so bad. And it was so... it was burnin' so bad that I took a shoestring from one of my shoes and one of the fire spigots... I tied [it] to one of the fire spigots and tied it around my arm to hang my arm up. Just so I could get three hours of sleep."

If true, this is the craziest and most Ray Lewis-esque stories around. The superhero linebacker goes tears his triceps and is expected done for his career. Heals up right before the post-season and is a night away from playing in SBXLVII only to tear it again. Then ties his arm up to hang from the ceiling, so he can sleep for three hours.

Thank you Ray Lewis.