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Baltimore Ravens will not have to travel very far in 2016

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens racked up a large amount of frequent flyer miles in 2016, with matchups against the AFC and NFC West. With road games in Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, Arizona, and Miami, the travel definitely took its a toll on a Ravens team which had their worst start in franchise history, although injuries definitely played a part in too.

This season though, the league's schedule makers have more than made up for it. Matching up against the nearby AFC and NFC East divisions, the Ravens, and most of the AFC North, will not be travelling far this season. Here is the chart of how many miles each team will have to travel this season:

NFL Miles 2016
CBS Sports

As you can see, the Ravens have the 3rd least miles to travel at 7072 miles, with only the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers with less. The only long flights the Ravens have are to Dallas to play the Cowboys, and Jacksonville to play the Jaguars. The Bengals, by virtue of their matchups with the first place teams, have an extra trip to face the Houston Texans, a road game at Dallas, and also have to travel further to face East Coast teams, so they ended up in the middle of the pack with more than double any other team in the division with 16,866.