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Reasoning on Bronson Kaufusi's contract hold up made clear after knowing CBA rules

CBA rules cause hold up

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Though most teams have already talked about their rookies signing their first NFL contracts, only 17 of 35 (48.6%) third round selections have let the ink dry.

According to Jason Fitzgerald of the reasoning why third round players are slower to sign is due to the CBA rules. Third round picks are the only players that can negotiate for a higher contract. The top two rounds receive maximum base salaries and rookies from rounds 4-7 get the minimum. This leaves the third rounders with no set base salary, hence the hold-up with Bronson Kaufusi.

Can't blame an individual to negotiate here in my book. A lifelong goal of becoming an NFL player isn't completed until the pen hits paper, and after years of grinding out practices and games that would make any person want as much money on their rookie contract as possible. Let's just hustle it up you two, so we can all watch Kaufusi hit the practice field.