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Is the secondary in a position of strength for the Baltimore Ravens?

Taking a closer look

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have crumbled two years straight to the opposition in the passing department; but this season could be different.

Baltimore has bolstered the boys in the back with great additions. Obviously the first being Eric Weddle, playmaking safety from the San Diego Chargers with a high NFL IQ that could net minimum 2 INT's for the Ravens this upcoming season. While he is 10 years seasoned in the NFL, expect Weddle's intelligence and name alone to strike fear into the hearts of quarterbacks.

Shareece Wright was an addition that fans wanted executed on site after his first week. What a terrible idea by the coaching staff to start a player on short notice against the team he practiced and played with directly prior to the match-up. But as time went on, Wright settled in with the scheme and fellow teammates. Ravens fans started becoming convinced Shareece could be a possible CB2 lining up opposite of surefire corner Jimmy Smith.

The forgotten addition Will Davis. After Ozzie traded a seventh round pick to Miami, Will Davis came in for half a game and balled out. Many times former Beatdown manager Matthew Stevens and I were wowed as Davis seemed in on every play, breaking up a pass, or assisting on a tackle. The injury gods were upset though, and took Will as tribute for the week. Expect to see his name in the positional battle for CB2 or 3.

Jerraud Powers is somebody worth paying attention to. Cardinals fans explained him as agile, aggressive, and attentive. I'm all for a slot CB willing to get dirty, and make plays that weren't happening last season.

After a less than amicable season from Kyle Arrington, I do hope the man can get back on track. His slot play can be very good, and if Baltimore can play two starting outside corners Arrington may contain the middle of the field for third down situations.

The darkhorse rookie Tavon Young has turned heads recently, and may prove worthy in dime and situational nickel roles this season. His Temple highlights leave you feeling pumped and hopeful there are some NFL caliber impact plays in the youngster.

Matt Elam. Yes, I'm bringing his name into this conversation. This first round pick may be the biggest difference short of Eric Weddle this season. Finally a chance at playing his natural position, mixed with an intelligent decision maker to train beside may do wonders beyond thought possible. Put some faith into him, after all his biggest competition is Lardarius Webb who somehow snuck his way into playing safety with a $9.5 million cap hit.

Terrence Brooks, the true possibility of becoming the young safety on the field come midway through the season. If it isn't Elam taking over, watch out for "Showtime" to make a strong push. His FSU days were filled with big hits, and if his in-the-box play can translate to medium range coverage, expect a solid contribution.

Of course not all of these players can or will start, but even if two or three pan out professionally the Ravens have title contention written all over. A re-vamped offense, key starters in the front seven returning and young ones already performing just leaves the secondary to pick up the leftovers.