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Dennis Pitta's expectations are higher than most fans

Hype train incoming

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After witnessing Dennis Pitta collapse for the second time, the foregone conclusion meant it was over. Not game over, or season over, but career finished. Yet here we are in 2016, with Dennis Pitta practicing and wanting to play National League level football.

The expectation of Dennis not only playing, but performing at his NFL level pre-injury is very low in fans minds, but Pitta has complete faith in himself.

"No, my expectations haven't changed from four years ago, to two years ago, to now," Pitta told CSN Mid-Atlantic. "My level of expectation is extremely high going into this year. Like I said, I feel confident in how I can run, how I can move, how I can play and it's just a matter of getting those reps back to where I'm confident in doing all of that. So, yes, expectations are very high."

First off, wow! Dennis is ready to come in and show the NFL who's boss. The confidence level, stellar from a player "fresh" off a double season ending injury thought to finalize his career.

After the Ravens drafted Maxx Williams (trading up to pick him no less), drafted Nick Boyle, and picked up Benjamin Watson in free agency this season, the word was Pitta being finished. Instead, this team has the biggest tight-end competition in the NFL.

If Pitta produces pre-injury, expect to hear his name called often. In 2012, the TE put up 7 touchdowns on 61 receptions for 669 yards. This year has the opportunity to help Joe pass the elusive 4,000 yard mark we've all wanted to witness, and I assure you Dennis wants to be a part of his friends career mark if given the chance.