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Baltimore Ravens a perfect fit for running back Kenneth Dixon

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Following the draft, ESPN (Insider required) analyst Matt Bowen listed 10 NFL rookies who landed in perfect homes.

Ravens rookie running back Kenneth Dixon made the cut, and here is what Bowen had to say about him:

Kenneth Dixon, RB, Baltimore Ravens

The versatility that 5-foot-10, 225-pound Dixon brings to the league is a solid fit for Marc Trestman's system in Baltimore, where the running back is utilized in both the run and pass game. At the Senior Bowl, Dixon stole the show on the offensive side of the ball due to his ability to run with power and burst through the hole and separate from linebackers in the underneath route tree. With Trestman, the Louisiana Tech product can be featured in the screen game or removed from the backfield to find the ideal matchup as a receiver. He's a developed route runner with the downhill running style that sells in the pros. Dixon will get a legit chance to compete for offensive touches from Day 1.

Dixon may have competition both for a roster spot and for touches in the backfield, but at the end of the day he offers the best skill set and the most versatility of any ball carrier on the roster. It should not take long for offensive coordinator to start feeding Dixon the ball on a regular basis, and it would not shock me if he was a primary ball carrier by the time the bye rolls around.