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Baltimore Ravens Rank 22nd in's Power Rankings

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens in the NFL world received pretty good grades all around for the selections made during the 2016 NFL Draft with grades ranging from B's all the way to  an A. After the 2016 NFL Draft concluded,'s Elliot Harrison came up with a power ranking of all 32 teams and listed the Ravens at 22nd in the league. Here's what he had to say about the Ravens:

Ronnie Stanley should be a solid pick at sixth overall, and unlike Laremy Tunsil, Stanley will not be under the microscope with regard to everything he does off the field. That can only be an advantage for the Ravens' first-round draft choice, fair or unfair (of course, it's unfair to Tunsil). But where does Stanley play? Spoke about this with Canty, and he said there is no way the team is benching right tackle Ricky Wagner. In other words, seven-year veteran Eugene Monroe is on notice. What is it with Ozzie Newsome always drafting players whose names you can't pronounce? Simply wondering.

If Ravens players deal with injuries in 2016 the same way they did during the 2015 season, then being ranked 22nd sounds about right. But if we are talking about the Ravens being healthy, there is no way that the Ravens should be ranked that low.

People need to remember that even though the Ravens went 5-11 last season, the team did set an NFL record for having its first-twelve games of the season decided by eight points or less. The Ravens had 14 games overall decided by eight points or less. There are no moral victories, but the Ravens might have been the best 5-11 team in NFL history. With how close those games were decided, the Ravens could have easily had a winning record last season even with the injuries.

Meanwhile, Harrison has the Steelers ranked third in the league which is confusing to me. I think the Steelers will make the playoffs next season, but I don't understand the hype that this team has been getting over the course of the offseason. Steelers tight end Heath Miller has retired, wide receiver Martavis Bryant is facing a year long suspension, runningback Le'Veon Bell is a bit injury prone and the Steelers defense is still suspect.

Do I think the Steelers are a top 10 team? Yes. Do I think the Steelers are a top five team? No I do not. In other tidbits, the Cincinnati Bengals were ranked 10th and the Cleveland Browns were ranked last in the entire league.


The Baltimore Ravens might be the most interesting team in the league next season from an execution standpoint. The Ravens, with the schedule that this team has, could go anywhere from 6-10 to 13-3. It all depends on the mindset and the health of this team. If the Ravens are clicking on all cylinders next season, this team is a legit threat to the New England Patriots and every other team in the AFC.