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New Baltimore Ravens Pass Rushers Open Options

The four players in question bring more than straight line athleticism to the table.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens needed to add pass rushers. The Ravens drafted an entire front four. What Kamelei Correa, Bronson Kaufusi, Willie Henry and Matt Judon all bring to the table is raw athletiscim for their respective size.

But it's more then the ability to run fast in a straight line and beat tackles before they're even out of their stance. The first-three players mentioned especially bring positional versatility. To have a 6'7", 287 lbs five technique defensive end, in the form of Bronson Kaufusi, looping inside a 6'1, 300 lbs three technique, in the form of Willie Henry, as he splits the gap between opposing guard and tackle forms an potential unblock able combination that will remind fans of the T-E stunt that made Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata household names.

This is one of the things that has gone missing from the Ravens defense over the last several years, with a heavy emphasis on the past year. With Pernell Mcphee and Haloti Ngata departing the defense, the Ravens lost the versatility their inside players had to loop around and turn tight corners, rendering stunts and in turn the four man rush largely ineffective.

It is easy to recall the destruction brought by an agile four man front when looking at the Falcons visit to M&T Bank stadium in 2014. 5 sacks show up on the stat sheet but anyone who has seen that game can attest to the fact that the pressure could have yielded ten. By contrast, when facing the Steelers at home, in a game where the Ravens defense is thought to have played well the four man rush was somewhere between awful and pathetic.

The Ravens have drafted fast players. Penetrators who are agile enough to bend around tight corners and navigate short areas. From the front office's point of view, there is a clear plan. It is now up to the coaches to put it all together.