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Baltimore Ravens have waived two players

Cuts will keep coming closer to the schedule

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Roster holds only 53 players, and the Ravens are currently at 89. Before practices, before OTA's the Ravens may need to cut down even more, but until then Baltimore has released two players.

Chuck Jacobs being the first released, was a wide receiver from Utah State. After being an Undrafted Free Agent signed by the San Francisco 49ers suffered a torn ACL in the first pre-season game in 2014. He didn't have much to show by healing up, and the Ravens currently sit above 11 receivers on the roster. Chuck just couldn't break through that line-up.

Terrence Magee, an undrafted free agent from Auburn, the running back showed poise in the backfield. I was a personal fan of the tailback, but the Ravens cut him and brought him back to the practice squad. I felt he was the next Bobby Rainey for Baltimore. A good back that couldn't out-perform the others on the depth chart, but close in skill. Matt Stevens watched him in practices last year and would continue to tell me his thoughts on the running back battle. Terrence Magee was rated on the same level with Javorius Allen. Nonetheless he is a free agent now, and I would surely suggest a team without big RB depth to take a waiver on him.