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Ravens need to sign Justin Tucker to long term deal; before it's too late

Come on Ozzie, pay the man

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2016 NFL draft fans witnessed many shocking events. From Laremy Tunsil and the social media hack, to Myles Jacks' plummeting draft day experience. In all of the chaos some missed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers TRADING UP in the second round for a kicker. Roberto Aguayo of the Florida State Seminoles was selected 59th overall, after the Bucs traded a third and fourth round selection.

With a college average of 88.76%, Roberto Aguayo's numbers would translate to second best in the NFL history. The player he takes from number 2? Justin Tucker.

Kickers are absolutely becoming more valuable. The AFC Championship was practically decided by the miss from Stephen Gostkowski against the Denver Broncos. Kicking is becoming more valuable.

Maybe Tampa Bay realized something sooner than other teams. A superstar kicker can alter the scales dramatically, and with it alter the contracts.

Justin Tucker is deserving of a top 3 contract, being the second best kicker in NFL history next to Dan Bailey. We cannot continue setting franchise tenders on Justin. Other NFL clubs by this time have taken notice that Ozzie and Justin cannot come to terms. All it will take is one squad with a hefty wallet to take away a top five kicker in history.