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Breshad Perriman's father suffers aneurysm; fighting for his life in hospital

An off-season of pain for Breshad

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Another upsetting title for fans, a truly heartbreaking moment for another. Breshad's father Brett Perriman suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday and is fighting for his life in the hospital. Breshad is showing confidence that his father will pull through.

Brett Perriman in fact played in the NFL. Drafted back in 1988 as a second rounder to the New Orleans Saints. Brett was a wide receiver, and Breshad is following in his footsteps. Brett Perriman finished with 525 receptions, 6,589 yards, and 30 touchdowns.

Breshad has gone through a lot already this off-season. Perriman was a friend of Tray Walker, and after a motorcycle accident passed away. Showing off his relationship and care for the former teammate, Perriman is donning some great looking cleats for Tray Walker.

Baltimore Beatdown sends their thoughts to Brett Perriman, and hope he comes through and can walk out of that hospital, just like Breshad said.