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Ravens currently have 14 Wide Receivers on roster

The draft has left the Ravens with so many wide receivers

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens shouldn't have any trouble giving Joe Flacco receivers now. The NFL draft and UDFA signing period has left the Ravens with a grand total of 14 wide receivers on the roster. Something tells me that depth won't be too hard for the team to come by.

Here is the current list of Ravens wide receivers:

Steve Smith
Kamar Aiken
Breshad Perriman
Mike Wallace
Jeremy Butler
Chris Matthews
Michael Campanaro
Marlon Brown
Daniel Brown
Chuck Jacobs
Kaelin Clay
Chris Moore
Keenan Reynolds
Donovan Harden

Of those 14, I'd say that Steve Smith, Kamar Aiken, Mike Wallace, and Breshad Perriman are guaranteed to make the roster. Smith and Aiken have the most chemistry with Flacco, cutting Wallace doesn't save the Ravens any money, and Perriman is a first round pick.

I'd also say that Marlon Brown, Donovan Harden, Daniel Brown, and Chuck Jacobs are as good as gone. Marlon hasn't made any improvements since 2013, Chuck Jacobs didn't do anything for the Ravens, and I just think  that Daniel Brown and Donovan Harden will be a victim of the numbers game.

It's when we get to our final seven that our choices get harder. Jeremy Butler and Chris Matthews really came on hard at the end of the season. Michael Campanaro could be the next Julian Edelman if he could stay healthy. Kaelin Clay looks like a dynamic returner. Chris Moore is a fourth round pick that was a big play guy in college. Keenan Reynolds scored more touchdowns than anyone else did when he was in college. All of these guys are tempting options for other teams, especially Moore and Reynolds. The Ravens will have a hard time picking two or three guys to keep on the roster and letting everyone else go.

The Ravens have seven promising wide receivers that will soon be fighting for two or three spots on the Ravens 53 man roster. It will be difficult to let some of them go and others might be stashed on IR to keep them safe from other teams.