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Still too early for predictions with NFL bets

The draft has come and gone, but it is still too early to be making any major predictions.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The draft has come and gone once again, which means that the prognosticators have updated Super Bowl odds. The prognosticators don't stop there though. If you just can't wait until the start of the season to start obsessing over college players, here's an incredibly premature 2017 mock draft that is almost bound to be wrong by the time the actual 2017 draft rolls around. If you haven't caught on to the theme of the article yet, I'm saying that it's far too early for anyone to be making any predictions about how the next year will go. (Let's all take a moment to see how ironic it is I'm saying this, when I'm going to be doing my 2016 season predictions two and a half months from now).

Last year, there were four teams that from the end of the draft to the start of the season, they were being hailed as Super Bowl contenders. Those teams were the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. None of those four won more than eight games. All four of those had disasters that no one saw coming. The Eagles found out that it was a bad idea to let Chip Kelly have all that power. The Colts saw what happens when a team chooses to field a terrible offensive line for four straight years. The Cowboys only had Tony Romo for four weeks because of his injured collarbone. The Ravens had literally everything go wrong in 2015.

And no one could say that they saw this coming. No one would believe that four teams that won 10 or more games in 2014 would be awful, especially when three of them won at least one playoff game, two of them falling one play short of making it to the conference championship. The outcome of next season can't be accurately predicted until the games begin. But I'm still going to give my preseason predictions sometime in mid-July and I'm going to look like a fool when most of them are wrong.