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The Baltimore Ravens need starting talent at the inside linebacker position

CJ Mosley can't do it himself

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens just finished hauling in a draft with potential. From start to finish Ozzie & Eric drafted many players with skills that could start come the 2016 season. But the Ravens are surely not a perfect squad, and a glaring hole remains: Inside Linebacker

C.J. Mosley undoubtedly will start for the Baltimore Ravens. With his stellar rookie season, and only a slight sophomore slump this linebacker will be back in full attack mode come game one against the Buffalo Bills. But the Ravens need more than C.J. Mosley. They need somebody that can truly play the position.

The current depth chart reads:

CJ Mosley
Zachary Orr
Arthur Brown
Brennen Beyer

With the loss of Daryl Smith, the Ravens are without a starting caliber linebacker. Zach Orr is a quality back-up, but hasn't proven starter quality.

Arthur Brown, once a second round pick from K-state, shows no signs of playing professional caliber football. Word is he's made 'strides', but I want to see him play before giving him any benefit.

Brennen Beyer has not a single stat. An Undrafted Free Agent picked up last season, the Defensive End from Michigan has not given a single thought to fans about becoming a starting NFL linebacker.

The Ravens should hope in the coming month and a half, players are released with post-June 1st cuts, and taking in a quality back to pair with the Ravens run stopper Mosley. It's clear the Ravens need a coverage linebacker, and the team will be punished if a change is not made.