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Will Keenan Reynolds be able to help the Baltimore Ravens

He will make the roster any way he can, which means he is coming for Michael Campanaro's slot role and punt returner job

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Keenan Reynolds may not be able to play his college position at a pro level, but that doesn't mean he won't be a good player. Reynolds is a typical slash player- running back/wide receiver/punt returner, and one who knows how to find the end zone. Reynolds finished his career at Navy with an FBS record 88 career touchdowns and an FBS record 4,559 rushing yards by a quarterback. While he is just a little guy, the same size as me at 5"9 190 lbs, he is tough, intelligent and a slippery player.

The Ravens and offensive coordinator Marc Trestman will have to figure out how to use him, and there will be a learning curve for him transitioning to a new position, but he could factor into the punt returning competition early. With Michael Campanaro injured much of the time, and Kaelin Clay not an asset at anything other than returner, Reynolds could take the role from both of them with a solid preseason performance. Reynolds was working with former all pro returner Brian Mitchell before the draft, and John Harbaugh was in touch with Mitchell, who played for him back when he was with the Eagles.

The Ravens hope, that with some development, he can become their version of Julian Edelman in the slot. Combine that with his ability to rush the ball, and throw it on trick plays, and the Ravens will have a very dangerous weapon who teams will have to account for.

Before he can suit up for the Ravens, Reynolds will have to get clearance from the look into it, and concluded that its to be determined. Per the site:

As a graduate of the Naval Academy, Reynolds is obligated to a five-year military term. The military requires graduates to go directly into active duty, which may prevent Reynolds from playing this fall. The Navy could also work out an arrangement where he balances his NFL schedule with full-time military requirements.

"It’s a case-by-case deal, and the Navy is going to do what they feel is best and put me where they need to put me," Reynolds said.

For some easy viewing of Reynolds (as a quarterback: