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Farewell from Chris "Braven" Brown

I have accepted another position and am leaving the Beatdown. But not before I give my props!

It's been real AND it's been fun!
It's been real AND it's been fun!
Elle Oriole

Well, this has been fun.

Fellow Ravens, I announce with both excitement and nostalgia that today is my last day as a writer and editor for this stellar site. I have accepted a position as Managing Editor at another NFL/Ravens site. This simply would not have been possible without...well, YOU. Without your encouragement and derision alike, there is no motivation to get better. Without your views, there is no feedback for what works and what is Gold Pants. (I still like 'em.)

So, with no further ado, here are my quick Shout Outs as I head yonder.

Commenter #JandaYou got skills, man. I found myself looking forward to your comments and wit, as well as point of view. Always balanced, always funny! Thanks for your consistent support. Have you ever tried writing?!

Commenter King Dooley -You never know who's watching/reading, my friend. Thank you for chiming in and contributing to this community. It was a pleasure.

Commenter Durkin_DonutsFirst of all, I can appreciate the play on your name, even though I'm a Krispy Kreme dude. Thanks for your insights and positivity. You cracked me up, like #Janda, on a number of occasions.

I thought I'd list a few Commenters first, as you all are the reason we exist. I'm sure I missed a ton, but please accept my sincere gratitude for your readership and input.

Staff Props

Kyle Barber

I've said it all, but let me be publicly clear that 1)There was no "me" here without you; 2)I believe you will be an NFL insider before 2020. I look forward to seeing you in the pressbox one day! Thank you brother!!

Yitzi Weiss

You are a talented writer and editor as well, sir. You are indispensable because of your knowledge of the numbers. Iron sharpens Iron, man; thanks for keeping it rolling. And introducing me to new concepts like the Draft Pick Values. Peace!

Wola Odeniran

Keep writing and keep the consistency bro. Thanks for your professionalism and positivity. You are always welcome to become a TarHeel--I know you want to after the dual Lacrosse championships vs. Maryland! :D One day, I'll say "I knew him when." God Bless!

Nathan Beaucage

Boy Wonder! The one who recruited me and had me thinking he was middle aged. You have got to know that your writing style is sharp enough to earn you some serious benefits in the near future. Thank you for the invite to check BB out. If it weren't for that, I would have been over at RSR, truth be told. Stay cool.

Chuck Mills

You are no nonsense sir. And a talented writer. Looking forward!! GO RAVENS

Holt Smith

Carolina is a family, dude! Your talent and work ethic pave the way to great things. Looking forward!

Brian Malan

You slay me. You had me at "Get out." It's been fun, Brudda. God Bless!!

Vasilis Lericos

I can truly appreciate the detail and effort that you put in your well crafted articles. I am happy for your rise in the ranks and know that you will continue excellent work. Enjoyed the rapport, man! Thanks!

Michael Sedjro

I never got to literally talk to you even though I ribbed you quite often in our staff articles. Keep up the good work, man, I like your dedication! GO RAVENS! Peace.

'Nuff said. We're all Ravens, may we stand by our team until the end and may we meet at another Parade at the Inner Harbor next February!! #RAVENSNATION GOD BLESS!!


Luke 1:37