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Pro Football Focus says the Baltimore Ravens had one of the best offseasons

It's nice to see some recognition for a stellar offseason from outsiders.

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of one of the worst seasons in recent memory, the Ravens' front office responded appropriately, with one of the best offseasons in franchise history. By means of both the draft and free agency, the Ravens reloaded and upgraded at areas of need, adding both new rookies and veterans, and have now built a team that can immediately be a contender.

With stellar additions both young and old, like Bronson Kaufusi and Eric Weddle, it's no wonder why the Ravens are one of Pro Football Focus' top mentions for having the best offseason.

Baltimore Ravens: B+

2015 was a rare down year for the Ravens, and many fans were expecting big changes in the offseason. It was a strange season though, given just how decimated they were by injuries, losing their starting quarterback, running back, top receiver, and one of their best defensive players, all to season-ending injuries. With plenty of draft picks, they had the opportunity to set themselves up well for the future, and appear to have made the most of it, as five of their draft picks from the first four rounds are poised to make big rookie impacts.

Only six other teams around the league received the same or a higher grade than the Ravens. If the Ravens turn their fortunes around like I expect them to, then looking back, this offseason might just be regarded as one of the best in a long time.