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Where was Eugene Monroe during OTAs?

With so much to prove, the LT's absence is questionable.

What message does his absence send?
What message does his absence send?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Clearly, he is recovering from injury.

But so were many other veterans, and they were there watching this past week.

Where was Eugene Monroe at the Ravens' Organized Team Activities?

Ryan Mink of pointed this out initially: even though Monroe is returning from an injury, if he is able to practice at this point, his presence at the team facilities is more important than a personal mission to promote medicinal marijuana. As Mink noted, there were other veterans, injured, there on the sidelines for the OTAs. Established team veterans have consistently passed on voluntary OTA participation in the past, names like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Haloti Ngata. Currently, Terrell Suggs and Marshal Yanda typically pass. But these are names that are solid team leaders and have earned their pass.

Eugene Monroe?

He has been oft-injured and somewhat of a disappointment to Ravens fans and leadership alike. He sat out of OTAs last season, as well. His choice for this past session of OTAs?

It could be said that Monroe's twitter feed reads like a running litigation against all things NFL.

Again paraphrasing Mink, this is not an indictment of Monroe's cause. It is an examination of his priorities, and how they affect his status with the Ravens. Coach John Harbaugh is very noncommittal with regards to the topic, having said on different occasions that Monroe's stance "Does not speak for this organization" and that he doesn't know more about it (Monroe's take) than what he has read. As I have mentioned before, when Harbaugh backs off like that, it is never a good sign for the player.

Either he is still injured and could have been there at the facility watching, or he is not injured and he could have been participating. Monroe has a lot to prove and I agree with Mink in that, if able to practice, the strongest statement of team from him would not be exercising his prerogative to skip the trainings, but rather, attending and demonstrating his commitment to the cause.

The Ravens cause.