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Baltimore Ravens Should take a look at Chris Culliver

The Redskins cornerback was recently released.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

While the Ravens addressed close to every immediate need in a draft that wielded serious depth, they failed to add outside cornerback depth, as Maurice Canady cannot be expected to contribute this year.

Shareece Wright provided solid, safe play at the cornerback position opposite Jimmy Smith; but to not add competition after handing him a 3 year, 13 million dollar deal would be reckless. After all, Wright was released less than a year ago by the San Francisco 49ers.

Enter Chris Culliver, who although is recovering from an ACL injury, would provide depth and competition for Wright. Even if the Ravens seem to have made themselves scarce when evaluating prospects with injury backgrounds, the point remains the same. Other cornerbacks may be released, they should be jumped on.

Culliver as a player brings scheme versatility as a cover three and press man cornerback. While the Ravens might perhaps be more inclined to feature cover two and cover four concepts, as they keep two safeties back but man under coverage would fit Jimmy Smith - the secondary's best player and thus the player it should be built around - better than concepts that force corners to read and react.

Culliver gives the Ravens secondary flexibility and even further, would set them on their way towards a clear identity. A clear scheme that would turn them into a real unit and not a collection of guys stepping through a revolving door.