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NFL Coaches ranked by USAToday, and John Harbaugh is snubbed

Coach Harbaugh Fields Questions

When thinking of the best head coaches in the NFL, it's not hard to find John Harbaugh in the top five. Clearly he deserves it, having missed the play-offs only twice in eight seasons.

The first absence of post-season play being 2013, after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy the front office lost, or cut eight starters from the squad. It was necessary, but also very tough to get over, resulting in 8-8 play.

The second being this last season, as we lost a Starting QB, RB, WR, OLB, TE, LT, C and then back up RB, TE, WR. That isn't all the personnel on the IR either, only the most notable.

John Harbaugh has done the best possible job in the hardest division. The AFCNorth has three established franchise quarterbacks. The most difficult road to the play-offs when playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals twice in a season. Don't forget the Cleveland Browns as a rival can still steal a game or two. This isn't the AFC East where the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins were all bottom feeders and the Patriots were stomping any and all competition. The same goes for the Indy Colts in the AFC South.

Harbaugh is no doubt a top 5 coach. I have him second, but the bias can be viewed there. USAToday felt he is the seventh best coach.

  1. Bill Belichick - No argument from me, the football encyclopedia himself deserves #1
  2. Pete Carroll - No doubt a top five coach in my head, but I take Harbaugh over Carroll if given the opportunity.
  3. Bruce Arians - Another top 5 coach in my book. The man has no fear when coaching, and takes risks that are necessary. And USAToday points out his teams have never won fewer than 9 games. That includes the interim coaching with Indy, going 9-3 over his twelve game stint.
  4. Mike Zimmer - I respect Zimmer. I like everything he's doing in Minnesota, but this man is not a better coach than John Harbaugh. Zimmer has been a head coach for two seasons. His record being 18-14 in the regular season. He's a great coach, but not deserving of top-5...yet.
  5. Sean Payton - A great coach, and the greatest offensive guru in years. Death, taxes, and Brees throwing a cool 4,000 yards. Payton continues to push that team towards success, and if they can ever build a defense they could wreck the league. But he can't coach the defense to success, leaving me to believe Harbaugh is the better coach.
  6. Mike Tomlin - No doubt the Pittsburgh leader deserves his name in top ranks, but I take Harbaugh over Tomlin. He's an amazing player-coach, but he possesses the best offensive trio in the league and hasn't produced. It took a dirty Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones to win a play-off game last season. They were swept by the 5-11 Ravens last season. Tomlin is right below John Harbaugh, but do note, he is below Harbaugh.

What did USAToday say about Harbaugh?

Harbaugh deserves a pass for last year's debacle. The Ravens sent an inordinate number of players to the IR. It was only the second time the Ravens missed the playoffs in Harbaugh's eight years in charge.

You give him a pass, and throw him seventh? No way. John Harbaugh is a top five coach, and should be brought up with the best of them, not second rate.