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Toughest choice looming for Baltimore Ravens? Insider says Eugene Monroe

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Watching your franchise draft the same position as you in the top ten may never be comfortable to watch, but when you've been out last two seasons with injury woes no doubt does Eugene Monroe feel the pressure.

Insider has big points as to why Eugene should be sweating the next season or so.

"...remains on the books for three more seasons for a total of $20 million, but none of that is guaranteed."

Completely and totally true, Ronnie Stanley may seem like the career ender for Monroe, at least in the purple and black.

Eugene was a decent to above average tackle with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but when he arrived with the Ravens back to back seasons we've not seen him on the field.

I don't see Monroe leaving this season, as the Ravens need a good 5 man line-up in the trenches. Wagner and Yanda have the right side down, and either Jeremy Zuttah or John Urschel have the center position under wraps. With the absence of Kelechi Osemele Baltimore needs Stanley to play left guard, meanwhile Monroe to stay on the field.

Please, for all that is Flacco, don't allow James Hurst back on the field. We have others in the fold before that atrocity once more. Good news, the Ravens roster contains other tackles with hopes of playing.

  • De'Ondre Wesley from BYU, drafted in 2015.
  • Vladimir Ducasse, a tackle that has bounced from team to team. (Would love over Hurst desperation)

Baltimore won't be cutting Eugene Monroe, but next season it gets much more interesting. Cuts that seem more difficult would be Kendrick Lewis, and the complete runningback confusion. Ravens have a big amount of talent at tailback, and they shouldn't be taking six runningbacks on the 53 man roster.