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Should Maxx Williams have gotten bigger?

The tight end has reportedly gained weight.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The general consensus relating to Ravens tight end Maxx Williams when he entered the league was that he was a talented receiving tight end who at twenty years old needed to grow into an NFL body.

Williams has entered the summer of his second season looking bigger, according to Kevin Byrne. It is not specified it's muscle or the Eddie Lacy bigger.

The two most seen pre-draft comparisons for Williams were that of Gregg Olsen and Jason Witten. A more cut Williams probably would have gotten closer to the Olsen comparison but Jason Witten presents an all-decade tight end himself.

Maybe weight does not matter for a tight end. Witten has made a living running Y-Stick option routes at the first down marker and by understanding the finer points of route running despite not being the fleetest of foot or the sporting the most shredded of frames.

We will have to see what Maxx Williams' weight gain has changed his game. Perhaps it's made him a better blocker. Perhaps it is added muscle that's made him quicker off the line. Perhaps it's just fat. Only time will tell.