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ESPN Insider ranks Baltimore Ravens off-season, free agency, and draft with a total C+ and A- in same ranking?

The Baltimore Ravens experienced one of their biggest off-seasons in recent history. Signing Eric Weddle, Benjamin Watson, and Mike Wallace. Expecting the comeback of Dennis Pitta, Steve Smith Sr., and Terrell Suggs. A great draft with massive potential to be prolific in key areas of the gridiron. Yet, when you take a look on the grades, the Baltimore Ravens rank... 22nd?! Yeah, sure..

Even if that puts the Ravens down, Ozzie also extended contracts on Justin Tucker, Terrence West, and Kamar Aiken. Two of those being clear difference makers in the NFL, and T-West could still amount to something if not for the already loaded backfield.

How on earth is this a C+? Even the Analysis doesn't add up. The final sentence, "I would put them in the A-minus range."

Riddick has them as an A-, yet the ranking is a C+? Come on man..

We all know that Baltimore crushed this off-season. Snagging great playmakers necessary in multiple areas. This season they truly sought after weapons for Joe. They drafted a fresh and healthy lineman to protect the franchise. This team did everything right, and with very little amount of dollars at the disposal. It took 17 players on IR to slow this team to a 5-11 season. No doubt this team comes out swinging heavy and hard.

Quick note, the Browns are ranked 32nd, and it's sweet to continually dig at them while they're down.