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Baltimore Ravens Fined One Week of OTAs by NFL for Practice Violation

A five minute drill with full pads proves very costly.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has announced that the Baltimore Ravens will be stripped of one week of Organized Team Activities, fined, as well as Coach John Harbaugh fined, for wearing pads for five minutes during an OTA practice last week.

The Ravens were reported by a source unknown to have had the rookies to dress fully, albeit reportedly only for a few minutes, in pads during rookie mini-camp. Their defense was that it was unclear whether the rules about OTA pads included rookie camp. Clearly, the NFL does not see this as a viable excuse.

The Ravens used pads during a punt drill.

The penalty is a loss of all of the OTAs from June 1-3. The Ravens will have all of the rest of their OTA's (7), and all of the rest of training camp intact.

"We made a mistake and we are sorry for that," the Ravens said in a statement. "We accept the NFL discipline."

Baltimore Beatdown will continue to update this story as it develops.