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Can Baltimore Ravens DB Lardarius Webb Make the Transition to safety?

Lardarius Webb represents one of the largest question marks.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, including his own, Lardarius Webb is now a converted cornerback. We have recently seen a few players make the transition. On one side of the coin lies Charles Woodson. His recent success at safety only entrenched him as a first ballot hall of fame, and a legendary defensive back of the past decade, along with the likes of names like Champ Bailey and Ronde Barber. On the either lies Deangelo Hall, who is just hanging on by a thread.

It is easy to assume Webb possesses the mental acumen to make the transition. He's move to the slot was key in the second half turnaround that was seen for the defense, as it allowed to use his communication skills with the rest of the secondary.

While he is slight, he was never one to shy away from contact, running through bigger targets without fear. But Webb is injury prone. It seems counter-intuitive to place an injury prone corner even closer to contact. In any case, Ozzie Newsome does not seem to be worried about, stating multiple times that Webb is a safety.

I think the conversion may be dicey. Webb showed a serious lack of speed surrendering standout touchdowns facing Devante Parker and Tyler Lockett. He is not a big player which will cause a problem when tight ends need to be matched in man to man coverage, a role that the Ravens should perhaps hand to the ultra-physical Jimmy Smith, at least when flex tight ends in the mould of Jordan Reed and the infamous Gary Barnidge are lined up on the other side of the line of scrimmage.