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Will WR Michael Campanaro make the Baltimore Ravens' roster in 2016?

This is a make-or-break year for Campanaro.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Campanaro is a talented player for the Ravens. He's a shifty slot receiver who has the potential to be the Ravens' version of Julian Edelman and he's also able to make contributions in the return game, as Campanaro averaged 26.3 yards per kick return and 16.3 yards per punt return last year. The one problem is that Campanaro just can't stay healthy.

In his career to date, Michael Campanaro has played 10 out of a possible 34 games, counting playoffs. He's shown that he has ability, but like the old platitude says, the best ability is availability, and that's not something Campanaro has had very much of. The Ravens have been very patient with Campanaro, as it's doubtful that too many teams would be giving an injury prone seventh rounder a chance to make the team for the third straight year.

This year Campanaro will be facing some serious competition to make the roster. Kamar Aiken, Steve Smith, Breshad Perriman, Mike Wallace, and probably Chris Moore are all locks to make the roster. Campanaro, Keenan Reynolds, Jeremy Butler, Kaelin Clay, and Chris Matthews are all battling for one, at most two, spots on the Ravens' wide receiver depth chart. Keenan Reynolds might be the biggest threat to Campanaro out of anyone on that list, as he had a nose for the endzone in college with 88 career touchdowns -- an NCAA best-ever.

Hopefully Michael Campanaro benefits from the Ravens' new training program, because he has a lot of potential and his health is what will determine whether his NFL career lives or dies in 2016.