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Jalen Ramsey suffers meniscus tear

For the second straight year, the Jaguars have an injured rookie

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how last year, Dante Fowler tore his ACL in rookie minicamp and everyone joked about how the Jacksonville Jaguars were cursed? Well they actually may be. The Jaguars have had another of their first round picks suffer an injury in minicamp.

Fifth overall pick Jalen Ramsey has suffered a small meniscus tear in Jaguars minicamp. The Jaguars are getting a second opinion on the injury, but the reports are saying that he should be back for training camp. To make matters worse, Ramsey's knee that needs surgery is the same one that went through microfracture surgery when he was a sophomore in high school.

What's ironic for the Jaguars is that they toned down their rookie camp after Dante Fowler went down in 2015 in order to prevent these things from happening, and they manage to happen anyway.

The injury shouldn't be anything terribly major, but for a team that lost their first round pick in minicamp last year and also drafted a player this year that may need microfracture surgery in the future, this can't make the fans feel good. Hopefully the Jaguars and their fans don't go through a Breshad Perriman-type situation with Ramsey in 2016.