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The Baltimore Ravens are making dietary changes

The Ravens' new health program is also extending to the cafeteria.

The Baltimore Ravens have changed up their strength and conditioning program in order to improve the health of the team after seeing a record 20 players go on Injured Reserve in 2015. The Ravens haven't spared the cafeteria either, as the team's menu is not what it was in years past.

In the past at the Under Armour Performance Center, foods like fried chicken and cookies were commonplace, there were weekly grill days with burgers and fries, and Friday was pizza day. Now that's all changed. Chicken is now served occasionally and it is now grilled instead of fried, black bean burgers are served instead of beef patties, and pizza and cookies are no longer seen in the cafeteria.

Now Ravens Nutritionist Sue James and Director of Player Development Harry Swayne have put together a new menu for the players. The menu is filled with the best foods and drinks to fuel players before a workout and help them recover afterward. The refrigerator at the Under Armour Performance Center is filled with products like beetroot juice, coconut water, fresh-pressed fruit juices, high-protein smoothies, lean jerky, and hummus. Players are now going the Chip Kelly route and drinking fruit smoothies (something that actually worked very well for the Eagles, as Kelly's teams had very few players on IR).

The Ravens are doing all they can to keep players healthy in 2016 and they massively overhauled the menu in 2016 as a part of that. Hopefully, these investments will pay off this year.