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Sports Reporting Brothers Talk Action Toys on JustNotSports Podcast

Chris "Braven" Brown and his brother, ESPN's C.L. Brown, are guests on the nationally renowned podcast. Topic: Action figures of old!

As you might hear at your local outdoor basketball court from a colleague,

"It's your boy [Chris 'Braven' Brown]."

I had a great opportunity to participate in a podcast done by the recently viral Just Not Sports show, the same production that broadcast the renowned #MoreThanMean public service announcement which put the spotlight on the cyber-abuse of female sports reporters. If you haven't seen it, you really should watch the paradigm-changing video here.

But the podcast is more than such important issues, as funny as it may sound. It is about what people do outside of sports. For instance, Ed Reed is a TV critic and talks extensively about his favorite shows, Empire and Game of Thrones, on a recent episode.

My younger brother is a National College Basketball reporter for His name is C.L. Brown. Just Not Sports invited us to have a joint session on their show and we chose the topic, action figures. It had to be a common subject that we both have had a passion for, and this is one that certainly permeated our childhood. Tune in below to either the entire podcast, or starting at our segment specifically. If you ever collected G.I. Joes or Transformers as a kid, you'll love this recollection!

The interview directly linked is here:


The full podcast, also featuring an in-depth review of Kevin Durant's movie "Thunderstruck," is here:


Just Not Sports is also available on iTunes.