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"Revenge Of The Birds" thoughts on Jerraud Powers

The Cardinals blog gives their thoughts on the newest Raven addition.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens added cornerback Jerald Powers in hopes of adding depth in two spots in the secondary. As a late free agency addition, Powers will not count against compensatory picks and thus represents great value. Here are the Cardinals blog's thoughts.

Powers is a very able corner. He has been a starter in the league for seven years, minus one where the Cardinals had Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie, and even then he had his finest season. He is very smart. he is unafraid to give run support. He has ball skills. He is 5'10" and does not have elite speed so he does struggle with big receivers. He can get beat but you will not regret having him. He was a favourite of Bruce Arians.

Sounds good to me. The Corey Graham comparison that has recently made the waves sounds accurate. The Ravens secondary was closest to its 2011 counterpart in 2013 where it featured Jimmy Smith, Corey Graham, and Lardarius Webb. The Ravens are close to recreating that version. Shareece Wright's consistency and his playmaking ability are the only underlying questions left to be answered.