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NFL Competition Committee to offer slimmed version of Baltimore Ravens replay proposal

Not a bad thing at all

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Back in March the Baltimore Ravens suggested a gigantic overhaul of replay capabilities ranging from reviewable and non-reviewable plays.

Not a bad idea at all, especially after two big blunders cost the Ravens at minimum one game. If the replay on Jacksonville was reviewable seeing players not being set before the snap would have given the Ravens a victory. Another possible replay change may have allowed referees to change call on the (slight homerism) 'non-tackle' on Chris Johnson with Brandon Williams.

The popularity of this suggestion seemed to have built steam during the annual league meeting, and it could become something more than whispers.

It was paused for a later discussion until May with a league owners meeting, and Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the Competition Committee has supplanted Baltimore's proposal with a limited change to the current system.

Baltimore so far is 'apparently fine' with the proposal, but did make a request: Illegal hits on defenseless players are subject to replay review.

What a Ravens thing to do, and I couldn't be more proud. Hits both against this clubs players that could be deemed defenseless needs to be scrutinized. Also, watching a big hit laid by Eric Weddle or C.J. Mosley receive a flag when we want to argue should be under review.

There is not a bad dispute between the rule change Baltimore is requesting. Players need to be protected, and plays need to be reviewed. The biggest problem is knowing at least once this seson we'll be furious a call isn't in our favor when the flag is upheld or reversed in the oppositions favor.